Review Cuckoo is a nest of enlightening reviews of other people’s reviews. We at Review Cuckoo believe the first review only scratches the surface, and that reviewing a review is the purest form of art. But we also have a duty to serve the community by reviewing the things elite media reviewers think they don’t have the time to review, such as airport bathrooms or the snacks on another floor of your office building.

About the name: The Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is a member of the order of birds called the Cuculiformes. It is known for laying its eggs in the nest of other birds. While some extremely unfair and biased scientists might describe them as ‘obligate brood parasites’, Cuckoos have been revered in Greek and Japanese mythology as symbols of not giving a heck. The Cuckoo is the mascot of Review Cuckoo for their incredible wisdom to have others do most of the work for them.