Donnie Darko DVD Disfunction.

Review of a review of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey on PCP.

I have a serious issue with this review as the reviewer clearly doesn’t understand time travel or the concept of parallel universes. Um. Did you even stop to think that right now, in another reality, your DVD arrived in perfect condition? Bet you feel silly now for complaining! Of course it arrived mangled – you ordered the “Special Time Travel Edition”! Last time I checked DVDs were made out of polycarbonate plastic, clearly a material not designed to travel through WORMHOLES, um hello?!  If you wanted a DVD you could play in a DVD player, you shouldn’t have purchased one that had to travel faster than the speed of light to get to your doorstep. I may not know Science but I’ve seen a lot of movies that explained it to me. 2 stars.

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