Yelp: Justice for Darylynn



Review of a review of Taco Bell’s Dad.

This review definitely left me feeling concerned. VERY CONCERNED. Darylynn has a really freaking cool name we know that. It’s one half guy that has worked at a car wash for too long and the other half any girl from Arkansas that is waiting for her fiancé to come back from war. Darlynn’s past reviews have been on point whether it was the 4 star review of the Maui Brewing Company or the 5 star review of those colorful rocks you always see driving back hung over from Vegas. This review was different. It didn’t feel like Darylynn. Which makes me think someone kidnapped her and is using her identity to give non authentic taco shops adequate reviews. In the 2nd act of her review she or whoever kidnapped her wrote “I really liked the chips they served, but again they were hard like the taco shell.” THE REAL DARRRYLNN LOVES hard chips. I don’t know who this perverted fucking weirdo is, that loves “soft chips” and probably takes dumps how AC Slater sits. BUT WE NEED TO FIND DARRYLRNN. JUSTICE FOR DRARRYLNN

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